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Breastfeeding On The Go

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Posted on February 27 2018

Whilst breastfeeding may be a breeze for some new mums it can be quite a challenge for most of us. It took me 6-8 weeks to feel comfortable breastfeeding , let alone in public. I persevered and I am glad I did but it was a skill that took my babies and I time to master. Once I felt comfortable breastfeeding in public my next question was what to wear. I breastfed before I started my business so it was all new to me. In fact, my breastfeeding experience is what inspired me to provide quality breastfeeding clothes to the new mums of Australia at an affordable price. Below are some great tips to help you breastfeed comfortably and discreetly in public. Breastfeeding does not mean sacrificing your personal style.
1. When you are breastfeeding its' a great time to wear dresses - There are lots of companies designing maternity dresses that are also purpose built for breastfeeding. Take a look online at just to view the designs available. You can also get crafty with the dresses you currently have in your wardrobe. If you have any soft, stretchy cotton knit dresses with straps or sleeves that can easily be pulled down these are ideal for breastfeeding. When you are nursing try to wear breastfeeding clothes that are made from cotton fabrics rather than synthetic fabrics to avoid overheating your breasts. When you are nursing the key is to choose dresses that allow for easy access.
2. I recommend that you purchase a few breastfeeding tee's and breastfeeding tanks that you can mix and match with your non maternity wardrobe. Purchasing a few breastfeeding cami's with built in bra's will be one of the best decisions you make with regards to allowing for discreet and convenient breastfeeding. I love the breastfeeding cami's that clip down at the shoulder. I wore them everywhere and even to bed. The styles with an inbuilt bra held my breast pads in place at night so I didn't wake up soaking wet. You can also put your button up shirts to good use when you are breastfeeding as they allow for really easy access. Button up shirts also look chic with your favourite jeans or shorts.
3. Choosing a comfortable pair of breastfeeding pyjamas or a breastfeeding nightie will be a decision you definitely won't regret. My best friend gave me a pair of breastfeeding pyjamas before I went into the hospital to have my first child and I absolutely loved them and jumped online and purchased some more.
4. My tip is to purchase a few breastfeeding bra's that clip down at the shoulder. In fact, once you stop wearing a regular bra during your pregnancy I recommend that you purchase a maternity bra that is also designed for breastfeeding.
5. Always carry a scarf when you are breastfeeding. Not only will it allow for discreet breastfeeding when you are on the run but scarves are great for covering marks that you will inevitably encounter from time to time on your clothing.


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