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Stripes Are Cute On Mums To Be !

Maternity Clothes Online

Posted on May 12 2018

Now, I have to say from the get go that I lOVE stripes but I think they are especially cute on mums to be. Pair your  favorite striped maternity top or jumper with your favorite pair of maternity jeans for a fresh , cute look. Check out this casual striped maternity dress (see pic) designed by Angel maternity. This dress is an essential maternity wardrobe staple as it is designed for breastfeeding post pregnancy. This cute maternity dress is perfect for a day at the shops or a relaxing day at the beach. Check out our maternity sleepwear range. If you are looking for a present for your special mum to be we have a very popular striped maternity and breastfeeding nightie in stock now for just $39.95. This maternity and breastfeeding nightie is an essential item to be packed in your hospital bag ! xxx

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