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Your Post Pregnancy Body

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Posted on September 14 2018

I think most of us mums who have given birth would appreciate a blog dedicated to our post natal bodies. I remember feeling a little shell shocked after I gave birth, especially after an innocent bystander asked when I was due and I responded that I gave birth three weeks ago. I was grateful to have such an abundant maternity clothing wardrobe as I was still wearing my maternity clothes for many months after I gave birth and this time extended with each pregnancy. Nothing could take away from the joy of a newborn, however a few post pregnancy clothing tips would be appreciated by most new mums.

Most importantly don't be too hard on yourself during the post pregnancy months. Enjoy the special moments with your newborn, take help when it is offered and try and sleep when you can - this usually means sleeping when your newborn is asleep. It takes a while for your body to recover, especially when you're a sleep deprived milk machine. During this time make use of the maternity clothing pieces you have that still look great post pregnancy. Maternity leggings are a staple wardrobe item post pregnancy and choosing maternity clothes that are designed for breastfeeding is a great investments. Try and purchase maternity and nursing clothes made from breathable, cotton fabrics as they absorb liquid much more efficiently. As the months pass by try and take your newborn for a walk each day. I would always try and get out of the house for a brisk stroll late in the afternoon whilst my best friend would always head out first thing in the morning. Try and plan your meals in advance and as I stated earlier accept help when it is offered. Freezing some pre-cooked meals is a great idea (it is what kept me sane in those first few weeks after the birth of my children. Enjoy those first few post natal months - your body will bounce back. 


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